About “Hot Ribbon”
All the appliqué patterns are actual size and include instructions for machine appliqué, hand appliqué and “Hot Ribbon”…..unique 1/8” iron-on ribbon ideal for crafts, quilting, clothing and appliqué! The ribbon is applied over the raw edge of the fused design with a mini-iron.

The ribbon comes in 24 colors. With a permanent marker, you can change the color to suit your design. The ribbon can be sliced down the middle for finer lines….such as stems, stamens, leaf veins, etc.

To locate a retail source in your area for “Hot Ribbon”, contact or call toll free 866-662-6742. For a brochure showing the ribbon colors and illustrated instructions for applying the ribbon, send an addressed and stamped business envelope to:

The Art of the Quilt
32700 S.E. Leewood Lane #91B
Boring, Oregon 97009

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